Batch Dryers / Coolers

Vibrating Fluid-Bed Batch Dryers, dVW series

This series comprises batch-type fluid-bed dryers with a working diameter from 250 to 1750 mm.

Our vibrating fluid-bed batch dryers are designed to leverage the benefits of fluid-bed technology for products requiring extremely gentle drying, for example if very narrow tolerances are specified for the residual moisture content or the product quality in conjunction with very long drying times. Our dVW series of vibrating fluid-bed dryers has a round fluidizing plate area. The working chamber (fluid-bed hood) is extended above the planned product bed height, to prevent the agitated product particles from being inadvertently discharged when the air velocity is reduced. The product batch to be dried is introduced into the apparatus through a sealable inlet port and evenly distributed assisted by the vibration. Suitable feeding devices are used to restrict the feeding time to a minimum. Throughout the drying process the product is continuously circulated by means of the vibrating motor for a freely selectable and precisely settable time. The vibration assisted principle means that even difficult-to-dry products in a relatively thick bed can also be evenly dried. Unlike conventional batch-type fluid-bed dryers, these vibrating dryers do not have to be taken apart and mechanically emptied after drying the product. At the end of the drying process, the product is discharged via a flap assisted by the vibration. The apparatus therefore only cools down slightly and is immediately ready to receive the next batch. The air handling equipment (for conditioning the supply and exhaust air) can likewise remain switched on while the product is being fed into the machine. The exhaust air from the dryer can be cleaned in a separate cyclone or filter system. However, it is also possible to clean this air with the help of special cartridge filters in the dryer’s exhaust air hood, and to return the cleaned fines directly to the drying chamber. The round type of construction simplifies the design of flameproof apparatus.