Agglomeration / Coating

Agglomeration, Granulation and Coating

  • Fluid-bed dryers which are additionally equipped for controlled humidification are used to agglomerate or granulate powdery products.  Agglomeration and granulation, as well as additional coating, significantly improve the application-specific properties of products in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Key Arguments:

Agglomeration, granulation, and coating in vibrating fluid-bed machines significantly improve the application-specific properties of powdery products in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.


The solid layer that is fluidized in the fluid bed is selectively wetted with liquids using special atomization nozzles and then solidified during the drying process. With spray granulation, the layer starts to build up directly from the liquid phase.

Features and benefits:

  • Increased resistance to abrasion
  • Improved flow
  • Less clumping
  • Food products, for example, can be instantized
  • Solid substance protected against chemical reactions, e.g. with oxygen, light, or moisture
  • Efficient masking of taste and / or smell
  • Selective influencing of surface properties, e.g. color or gloss
  • Retarded release of active ingredients


The design is based on each customer’s individual requirements and verified by means of tests at our trial center. Either batch or continuous equipment can be used, depending on the application. Planning, turnkey delivery, and commissioning are taken care of by an experienced team of highly qualified project engineers and trained specialists at our production facility.

Pilot Plant:

Our pilot plant for agglomeration, granulation, and coating comprises a vibrating fluid-bed machine with the associated air handling equipment and air heater, the liquid metering and air supply components for the spraying process, and all measuring instruments necessary to operate the machine and evaluate the trial results. The settings can be adjusted within a wide range, and together with the complete air handling equipment and high-performance energy supply systems, this means that trials can be carried out on a semi-industrial scale at throughputs from 30 to 150 kg/h. The center is suitable for either top or bottom spray mode or a combination of the two.