Magnetic Separators

VibraMag - Magnetic Separator

VibraMag – Systems are used to separate ferromagnetic small parts and particles out of a vertical mass flow of powdery and granular products. Application especially in Food Industries at the end of production chain. The vibration aided function reduces tendency to bridging and caking within the housing of separator. Typical applications: Production of milk, cacoa and starch powders e.t.c.


Finger Magnetic Separators

The product flows down between the finger-like magnetic rods where the ferromagnetic particles stick. After pulling the magnetic rods out of the housing like drawers the foreign particles can be eassily wiped off. Vibrations are generated by antotally enclosed vibration motor.

Plate Magnetic Separators

Plate magnets are arranged in a stepped configuration and inclined in alternating directions. These separators perform the same function as finger magnetic separators except that they are optimized for efficient separation of lower mass flows.