LFU Stick-Slip Conveyors

LFU Stick-Slip Conveyors

  • For lightweight, fragile bulk materials
  • Extremely gentle handling, high performance, reversible conveying direction


Our LFU stick-slip conveyors are trough or pan conveyors for hygienic handling of lightweight, fragile bulk materials such as potato chips, cornflakes, tablets, and other similar products, mainly in the food and pharmaceutical industries.


The vibration produced by the LFU stick-slip conveyor’s linear motor in the conveying plane moves the product in a slow forward-quick return motion in any direction (stick-slip effect).

In contrast to conventional vibrating conveyors there is no vertical acceleration, and so extremely gentle product handling is guaranteed.
There are no overshoots as a result of switching on or off, so that several separate conveyors can be connected in series without any significant difference in height. Partial streams between individual conveyors can be discharged simply by shifting the position, with no need for flaps or slides.


  • Extremely gentle handling of fragile products
  • Reversible conveying direction
  • Quick-change conveying trough (e.g. for cleaning)
  • High hygienic standard
  • Optimal vibration values can be set while operational
  • Low noise level, maintenance-free