Swirling Trough Conveyors

WRJ Vibrating Swirling Trough Conveyor – crystallization process for plastic pellets

For more than twenty years now, VIBRA MASCHINENFABRIK SCHULTHEIS GmbH & Co. has been manufacturing machines for crystallizing plastic pellets using classic fluid-bed technology. These machines entail relatively high capital costs, especially for the peripheral equipment.

Thanks to a new development, VIBRA MASCHINENFABRIK SCHULTHEIS GmbH & Co. customers can now benefit from a comparatively compact and affordable solution based on a vibrating swirling trough conveyor. A further decisive advantage is that this machine reliably crystallizes both spherical pellets and strands, thus meeting customer needs for maximum flexibility. It is just as suited for cost-efficient production of plastic pellets as it is for recycling. The vibrating swirling trough conveyor operates continuously and is capable of processing not only hot pellets direct from the pelletizing process but also cold pellets.

Any energy that is required to assure the crystallization process is fed to the product by selectively introducing hot air via nozzles. The pellets are continuously fluidized by the hot air and evenly conveyed to the end of the trough by means of a vortex motion.

The special VARIO technology allows the conveying movement, and hence the retention time, to be controlled extremely effectively. This is very important at the start of the crystallization process if the capacity or the product properties change. It avoids startup losses and enables rapid, complete emptying.

This patented process from VIBRA MASCHINENFABRIK SCHULTHEIS GmbH & Co. is based on the WRJ vibrating swirling trough conveyor and offers several key benefits:

  • Narrow retention time range, even crystallization
  • Compact design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low energy consumption
  • High flexibility