SRK Oversize Separators

SRK Oversize Separators for plastic pellets



  • Proven a thousand times over
  • Our SRK series has a capacity of between 1000 and 40,000 kg/h.
  • Miscuts in the form of spikes or chains – commonly referred to as oversizes – occur during the production of plastic pellets, particularly during the startup and shutdown phases. These bad particles interfere with further processing and must be separated from the good particles. The oversizes have the same diameter as the good particles. They must therefore be separated by comparing the length geometries; the oversizes must slide flat over the screen surface for this purpose. Our SRK vibrating screening machines are specially designed to achieve this.
  • The SRK series also includes screening machines with two decks to enable additional screening of fine particles.
  • These screening machines meet even the strictest requirements regarding ease of cleaning and use. There are no permanent fixtures in the screen box. The screen insert(s) are loosely inserted into the box and held in place by the machine cover. The cover is secured by means of quick-release swing bolts or fasteners, to simplify screen changes. The perforated screen inserts are machined from a single sheet and have no gaps or sharp corners that could impede cleaning.
  • Perforated screen insert with no gaps or sharp corners.

Special benefits:

  • Proven more than a thousand times over
  • Optimal adaptation to each application
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick-change perforated screen inserts

Executions and accessories:

The machines can also be supplied with two decks for screening undersize material and dust.