G Universal Screening Machines

G Universal Screening Machines

  • General-purpose screening machines for fractioning or protective screening with 1 to 3 decks.
  • Closed, easy-to-clean design with 1 to 3 quick-change, vertically stacked screen frames for up to 4 particle size fractions, inclination approx. 8°, normally driven by a single vibrating motor. Max. screen surface 1.6 m².
  • The DELTA drive saddle, which can be flexibly adapted to the product and the screening results, is the outstanding characteristic of these machines along with the simplified design. The machines are available in three sizes with 1 to 3 vertically stacked screen frames for 2 to 4 particle size fractions.


  • DELTA drive saddle enables four different vibrational waveforms
  • Quick and thorough cleaning of the screen box and frames
  • Quick-change screens

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