Vibrating Trough & Tube Conveyors

Vibrating Trough and Tube Conveyors

Our vibrating conveyors are designed as freely vibrating machines with a maximum conveying distance of about 8 meters. They consist of elastically supported, vibration resistant conveyor troughs to which vibrating motors or electromagnetic vibrators are mounted. The machined drive saddle ensures continuous and maintenance-free operation of the drive.

All conveyors are also available as a “Hygienic Design” version.

The most important types of construction are as follows, depending on the operational requirements:

  • Open trough conveyors
  • Closed trough conveyors
    • Cover bolted or fastened with quick fasteners,
    • Flat gasket or removable profile gasket
  • Tube conveyors
    • Either bolted end covers with a flat gasket or swivel-type end covers with a removable profile gasket
    • Driven by vibrating motors (short run-on before braked stopping) or electromagnetic vibrators (immediate stopping after switching off, for feeding weighing equipment)
  • Bin discharging trough conveyors

Our short vibrating conveyors with an electromagnetic drive are ideal for discharging bulk materials from bins in a controlled way. The bin discharging trough conveyor concept takes account not only of the discharge rate but also of the size of the bin outlet and the bulk material’s angle of repose.

  • Conveying distances from 1 to 8 meters in a single unit
  • Materials: Carbon/ stainless steel or special materials such as Hastelloy or titanium
  • Vibrating motor or electromagnetic vibrators
  • Suspension with high isolation efficiency
  • All conveyors are also available as a “hygienic design” version


  • High conveying capacity
  • High hygienic standard
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Continuous operation – negligible maintenance
  • Efficient operation