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Large-scale plant for drying and processing plastic pellets

VIBRA SCHULTHEIS recently shipped a large processing and drying plant to an international manufacturer, and the commissioning procedure has meanwhile been successfully completed.
At the heart of this plant are four vibrating and static fluid-bed dryers. Each dryer is assigned to a different production line and rated for an hourly product throughput of 8000 kg of plastic pellets. The fluidizing plate areas, from 2 to 8 m², are adapted to the production quantities of the respective plastic qualities. Special silo systems are installed downstream of the fluid-bed dryers for the long-term product treatment that is also required.

The plant integrates the following outstanding features:

  • high flexibility in case of fluctuating production volumes
  • optimal energy efficiency owing to the circulating gas system and the insulated dryer design
  • easy operation and maintenance

The scope of supply for the drying plant included the complete handling equipment for air treatment and dust removal as well as the instrumentation and control technology, the pneumatic conveyors and the silo systems.

An insulated fluid-bed dryer with a fluidizing plate area of 8 m² is shown here.

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