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ER / ERF series expanded for vibrating conveyors

ER / ERF series of compact electromagnetic drives for vibrating conveyors in the chemical and food industries

For several decades now, compact electromagnetic drives from VIBRA MASCHINENFABRIK SCHULTHEIS GMBH & Co. have been playing a leading role driving smaller size vibrating conveyors.

These drives offer several important benefits:

  • easy attachment of the conveying troughs / tubes or screening devices to the drives.
  • integral suspension for simple installation on any stable surface.
  • easy control of conveying capacity with thyristor control units and magnetic frequency controllers; installation in control loops, e.g. for differential metering systems.

The expansion of the series to include drives with a maximum net weight of 100 kg per unit has opened the door to significantly more applications during the last few years. For instance, multiple-drive conveyors more than 7 meters long and up to 1000 mm wide, yet with a very low headroom, can be realized without any problem. Furthermore, these next-generation drives allow easy adaptation to the mass and fatigue strength of the working unit as well as versions with IP66 protection. These characteristics create entirely new opportunities when it comes to space saving configurations for vibrating conveyors in the plant engineering sector.

Typical examples:

A few typical examples illustrating the wide range of potential applications are provided below:

Figure 1 shows a 5 m long vibrating conveyor with 3 pneumatic discharge valves for snack food products. The conveyor forms part of a packaging plant totaling 30 individual conveyors and more than 50 ERF compact electromagnetic drives.

A 6 m long and 700 mm wide vibrating trough with 4 ER drives and removable screen inserts for conveying and screening granular food products can be seen in Figure 2.

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