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Crystallization process for plastics pellets with a vibrating swirl tray conveyor

A patented method based on a vibrating swirl tray conveyor was developed for crystallizing plastics pellets. This continuous process allows the pellets to be efficiently produced or recycled.

The photograph below shows a typical machine design:
The cold, amorphous strand pellets are fed via a batching trough conveyor to the crystallizing swirl tray conveyor, where they are continuously fluidized by hot air and homogeneously transported to the end of the conveyor by means of a vortex motion. Thanks to the reversible VARIO drive, the process is started without any start up losses and discharging is both rapid and complete. Further transport and cooling take place in a downstream cooling spiral conveyor.

This process offers several advantages:

  • compact design
  • narrow residence time range, homogeneous crystallization
  • low energy consumption
  • rapid cleaning due to the absence of internal obstructions

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